Freshkills Park, Staten Island


Wildlife to Spot as NYC Transitions to Winter

Forests in Cities Network Welcomes 2 Cities to National Coalition

Top 5 Natural Areas to View Fall Foliage in NYC

October 11 New York City's Climate Resiliency Efforts Testimony

Field Notes: Q&A with Intern Fadwa Yousef

Field Notes: Q&A with Intern Balsamine Chen

How forests and other urban natural areas cool our cities in extreme heat

Field Notes: Q&A with Intern Leslie Garcia

June 13 Urban Forest Master Plan testimony

Field Notes: Q&A with Intern Caitlin Lynch

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Hixon Center Urban Conference: "Cities as Solutions to Climate Change: Perspectives from IPCC Authors." September 23, 2022

USDA Forest Service: "Fear and fascination: Use and perceptions of New York City’s forests, wetlands, and landscaped park areas," February 2020

USDA Forest Service: "The Written Park: Reading Multiple Urban Park Subjectivities Through Signage, Writing, and Graffiti," January 2019

[Webinar] USDA Forest Service : "Rekindling the Forest in Our City: A story of research, responsibility, and care," December, 2018

NYC Parks: "Salt Marsh Restoration Monitoring Guidelines," October 2018

USDA Forest Service: "The Urban Forest of New York City," September 2018

NYC Parks: "Salt Marsh Restoration Design Guidelines," September 2018

NYC Parks: "Research Permits Report: 2017 Annual Report," July 2018

NYC Parks: "Towards a Salt Marsh Management Plan for NYC: Recommendations for Restoration and Protection," May 2017

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(The PSA was created for the Natural Areas Conservancy by Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York City's Community Media Station.)