NYC Nature Goals 2050

Nature goals articulate what people want from nature and why. In formulating this set of 2050 goals and a Declaration of Rights to New York City Nature, our aim is to start a discussion about the future of nature in New York City, at a time of momentous change.

Two significant trends are affecting the city and will continue to do so: a projected population increase of more than 500,000 people over the next 15 years and a changing and less predictable climate. Given the challenges that these phenomena will bring to our city, it is essential to affirm the rights of all New Yorkers to the benefits that nature provides.

In 2015 the Natural Areas Conservancy’s Advisory Board convened other scientists and organizations committed to conservation to formulate a set of qualitative goals for the function and composition of nature in New York City. These goals include

  • support for biodiversity and habitat
  • the provision and enhancement of clean air and water
  • protection and resilience from coastal storms
  • connectivity for plants and animals
  • inspiration for city residents

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