NYC Nature Goals 2050

New York City Nature Goals 2050 articulates what people want from nature and why.

The Natural Areas Conservancy has convened a coalition over 90 organizations in a collaborative conservation effort to formulate a set of goals, targets, and a Declaration of Rights to New York City Nature.

In 2015 (Phase I), our aim was to start a discussion about the future of nature in New York City, at a time of momentous change: population increase and climate change. As a result, a set of qualitative goals for the function and composition of nature were generated. These goals include:

• support for biodiversity and habitat
• the provision and enhancement of clean air and water
• protection and resilience from coastal storms
• connectivity for plants and animals
• inspiration for city residents

Read the NYC Nature Goals 2050 report from Phase I here.

In 2017 (Phase II), we developed clear actionable and measurable targets that advance the five overarching functional goals. Below is a list of the targets as one-line recommendations. These targets reflect our values and are time-bound. In addition, they are actionable and measurable objectives that go a long way towards fulfilling the five functional goals over the next 30+ years.

  1. Expand natural areas
  2. Manage natural areas
  3. Encourage ecosystem diversity
  4. Conserve species
  5. Restore lost species
  6. Integrating nature into planning and policy
  7. Expand tree canopy and increase permeability
  8. Help mitigate air pollution
  9. Help control storm water
  10. Help cool the city
  11. Provide clean and swimmable waters
  12. Support sustainable local fisheries
  13. Expand natural shorelines
  14. Enable natural shoreline to adapt to sea level rise
  15. Enhance built shorelines
  16. Facilitate species movement
  17. Enable people to get to natural areas
  18. Make natural areas welcoming for all New Yorkers
  19. Encourage environmental stewardship
  20. Get kids into nature
  21. Provide jobs in nature
  22. Highlight local natural spectacles
  23. Create big quiet places
  24. Recognize nature nearby
  25. Celebrate nature in art

In 2018 (Phase III), we expanded the Nature Goals network, and we conducted public outreach to spread the word about this coalition and collect signatures for the Declaration of Rights to New York City Nature.

In 2019, we will be releasing a new website dedicated to Nature Goals 2050. Watch this space!